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Best Drill for Mixing Drywall Mud: Top 5 for Proper Mixing in 2024

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Drill for Mixing Drywall Mud

Last Updated on December 25, 2022

Mixing drywall mud with a drill makes it clogged with chunks and messy because it splashes around. When it can’t mix the mud properly, it may cause thick or too-thin that won’t adhere to the drywall correctly. For this reason, you need the best drill for mixing drywall mud to solve these issues.

These power drills come with high RPMs and a variable speed trigger so that you can adjust the speed to the needed level without pausing and turning it off. They feature a quick thread interface for quickly assembling and disassembling the paddle.

You can also find ones with a paddle mixer attachment that allows you to stir the mud without splattering it everywhere. Here we share some top mixing drills for mixing drywall mud efficiently and quickly.

Best Drill for Mixing Drywall Mud: Editor Choice

Bosch GBM9-16 9 amp 5/8″ Mixer

One- or two-handed control drill with a powerful motor

Speed: 700 RPM
Adjustable speed: 6
Amperage: 9A
Max Power: 850W
Weight: 6.6 lb
Handle Type: Auxiliary

IMAYCC Adjustable Speed Drywall Mud Mixer

Very lightweight electric drill for easy operation

Speed: 270-930 RPM
Adjustable speed: 6
Amperage: 9A
Max Power: 2100W
Mixer Weight: 6.5 lb
Handle Type: Steering wheel

MLLIQUEA Drywall Mud Mixer Drill

Electric drill with overheating protection

Speed: 930 RPM
Adjustable speed: 6
Interface size: M14
Weight: 8.8 lb
Max Power: 2100W
Handle Type: Steering wheel

Can I Use a Normal Drill to Mix Mud?

good mixing drill

If you have the right attachments, you can use a regular drill for small volumes, but it is not recommended. The key is to get a mixing paddle attachment for your drill. These attachments come in different sizes, so get one that will fit your drill.

When mixing large volumes, you should leave normal drills aside and invest in a mixing drill. Since power drills are designed to drill quickly and for short periods of time, their motors tend to overheat and burn out quickly. You feel the higher physical strain when operating it.

So you should use a specifically designed drill for mixing mud. These specific drills can handle the task better. They also come with an adjustable speed trigger so you can mix different consistencies of drywall mud without worrying about splattering it all over your work area.

Can I Use a Drywall Mud Mixer with a Cordless Drill?

mixing thinset

Yes, you can use a cordless drill with a drywall mud mixer, but it won’t be as powerful as a corded one. You should choose a brushless motor that will increase the battery life and give you more power.

The most important thing to look for when buying a cordless drill is the type of battery it uses. Li-ion batteries are the most popular because they offer long run times and better overall performance than other types. If your drill has a speed trigger, you can set the exact RPMs you need for mixing drywall mud.

Top 5 Reviews on Drill for Mixing Drywall Mud

power tools

Mixing drywall mud by hand can be messy and tiresome. A right power drill with a paddle attachment is the best way to mix the mud quickly and evenly. Reading the reviews on the top 5 corded drills for mixing drywall mud will help you make a wise choice.

1) Bosch GBM9-16 9 amp 5/8″ Mixer

If you need a powerful motor drill to mix drywall mud, the GBM9-16 mixer by Bosch is the best choice. The Bosch GBM9-16 9 amp 5/8″ mixer is designed to make mixing drywall mud easier and faster than ever.

BOSCH GBM9-16 9 Amp 5/8 In. Mixer with D-Handle,Black Blue , 5″ by 8″

● Speed: 700 RPM
● Amperage: 9 Amps
● Max Power: 850W
● Weight: 6.6 lb
● Voltage: 110V

Main Features:

  • All-ball bearing motor
  • No-load speed 0-700 RPM
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Torque-control auxiliary handle
  • 360-degree rotatable D-handle

Features That May Attract You

9.0 amp Motor:

With a 9.0 amp motor and 850 watts of power, it mixes drywall mud quickly and efficiently. It’s all-ball bearing motor delivers a no-load speed of 0-700 RPM for optimal mixing performance.

Variable Speed Control:

A variable speed trigger allows you to set the desired mixing speed. This high-torque drill can mix different types of drywall mud without any difficulty. You can also use it to mix cement plaster and epoxy resin.

360° D-Handle:

With its 360-degree D handle, you can incorporate it into tight spaces and odd angles more easily. Using the torque-control auxiliary handle, you can operate the power drill in different positions.

Heavy-duty Construction:

This low-speed drill is made with a magnesium front housing that ensures durability. It also features a 5/8-inch keyless chuck for easy drilling and mixing accessory changes.


  • Has a two-finger trigger design with a lock-on button
  • Comes with 8 ft rubber cord with a three-prong ground plug
  • ‎The rubber grip handle provides comfort and control
  • 360-degree handle for easy operation in tight spaces
  • Lightweight at just 6.6 lbs for easy handling


  • Handle made of plastic rather than metal

2) IMAYCC Adjustable Speed Drywall Mud Mixer

Using a very lightweight drill by IMAYCC reduces fatigue and creates a more efficient workflow in your drywall project. The variable speed settings allow you to mix the drywall mud at the perfect consistency.

IMAYCC Portable Concrete Mixers 2100W Adjustable 6 Speed Handheld Electric Concrete Cement Mixer

● Speed: 270-930 RPM
● Amperage: 9 Amps
● Max Power: 2100W
● Mixer Weight: 6.5 lb
● Voltage: 110V

Main Features:

  • Non-slip and fatigue free dual handle
  • Adjustable speeds between 270 and 930
  • 6 speed variable speed drive system
  • Auto-power-off safety function
  • M14 quick interface for assembly and disassembly

Features That May Attract You

Dual Ergonomic Handle:

Its dual ergonomic handle gives you a comfortable grip and a safe, non-slip experience while using the tool. The handle fits comfortably in your hand and helps to reduce fatigue from laborious work with its ergonomic design.

2100W Powerful Motor:

It has a powerful 2100-watt motor, with 9 Amps of power and 110V of voltage, making it a highly efficient and reliable machine. The motor offers adjustable speeds from 270 to 930 RPM so that you can select the ideal setting for any job.

Adjustable 6 Speed:

The IMAYCC adjustable speed drywall mud mixer has a 3.5 inches wide dual paddle blade. Its variable speed settings with a self-locking switch give you greater control over the consistency of your drywall mud.

Auto-power-off Overheating Protection:

This portable drywall mud mixer is designed with overheating protection, providing maximum safety and ease of use. Its air outlet design ensures that heat can dissipate quickly and spread faster.

If the electric motor overheats, the device will automatically power off. It prevents any harm or damage to the device.


  • UL standard plug for safety
  • Dual-paddle prevents the mud from splashing
  • Comes with an operation locking switch
  • External carbon brush holder design for easy maintenance
  • Lightweight and portable
  • M14 quick interface for quick assembling and disassembling


  • Some users found its burned smell when using it for a long time
  • It is not suitable for thick mud and pastes

3) ROLAYSEE TOOLS Heavy Duty Drill Mixer

For high-powered and versatile mixing and drilling applications, drill mixer by ROLAYSEE TOOLS is the best choice. It has an extra long cable, so you can easily reach any area you need to work on.

10-Amp Corded 5/8″ Heavy Duty Drill Mixer Set, Mixing Drill Machine with Spade Handle for Drilling and Mixing

● Speed: 750 RPM
● Amperage: 10A
● Drill weight:‎ 10.56 lb
● Max Power: ‎1200 Watts
● Voltage: 110V

Main Features:

  • Auxiliary handle with three positions
  • Reversible variable speed function
  • Mixer and Drill function
  • No load speed from 0-750 RPM
  • 16.5 feet long cable

Features That May Attract You

3-position Auxiliary Handle:

The auxiliary handle can be positioned in three positions: right side, left side, or drill head. It allows you to adjust the leverage and torque applied to the mixer paddle and drill bit. A soft grip spade handle provides greater comfort during extended use and reduces fatigue.

Reversible Variable Speed:

Its reversible variable speed allows you to change the direction of the drill with the touch of a button. This is particularly useful when you need to reverse the mixing paddle direction or take out a jammed bit. Its lock-on button is also handy, as it reduces fatigue by keeping the drill in one place.

10A Powerful Motor:

With a 10A motor and 1200 watts of power, the ROLAYSEE TOOLS heavy duty drill mixer can handle even the most challenging projects. It runs on 110v current. Whether mixing mud or drilling holes for anchors, the Rolaysee is up to the task.

Dual Functionality [Mixer and Drill]:

The Rolaysee drill mixer has dual functionality, which allows you to switch between mixing and drilling applications. Its cast aluminum gear housing is designed for durability and long-term use, and the precision-cut steel gears ensure smooth operation and consistent output. 


With the drill mixer, you can change the speed from 0-750 RPM depending on the task. Higher speeds are ideal for mixing and stirring highly viscous materials, while lower speeds are for precise control.


  • Comes with a 5/8 inch keyed chuck
  • Cable length 16.5 feet with rubber jacket
  • 360° rotary D-handle for a variety of orientations
  • Includes 1 mixing paddle
  • Contains one piece of transportation bag
  • Includes 2 pieces of auxiliary handles


  • It may be too heavy for some users

4) MLLIQUEA Drywall Mud Mixer Drill

The electric handheld mixer drill from MLLIQUEA has many useful features like variable speed adjustments, overhead protection, external carbon brushes, and more. It is powerful enough to mix drywall mud, while the convenient and ergonomic design ensures user comfort.

MLLIQUEA 2100W Electric Handheld Concrete Mixer Drill, Portable Cement Mixer

● Max Power: 2100W
● Max Speed: 930 RPM
● Net Weight: 8.8 lb
● Interface size: M14
● Voltage: 110V

Main Features:

  • 6 Adjustable Speeds
  • Splash protective S-type Thread
  • 2100 watts copper motor
  • Air Outlets for cooling
  • Impact resistant motor shell

Features That May Attract You

2100W copper motor:

It boasts a powerful 2100W copper motor, operating on 110V and 60HZ of electricity, making it an incredibly efficient and reliable piece of machinery. With this high speed drill, you can easily mix plaster, joint compound, and other materials used in drywall applications.

6 Adjustable Speeds with Self-locking Switch:

This MLLIQUEA drywall mud mixer drill features 6 adjustable speeds for various stickiness or thicknesses of the material. With the self-locking switch, you can set the speed manually.

S-type Thread for Preventing Splashes:

By using an S-type thread, this drywall mud mixer drill prevents splashes. It saves you time, and energy, from cleaning up the mess and saves money from buying more materials.

Air Outlet for Overheating Protection:

With its built-in air outlet, this drywall mud mixer drill keeps the motor cool by dissipating heat while maintaining optimal performance. A built-in automatic shut-off feature prevents motor burnout due to excessive use.

Ergonomic and Anti-slip Handle:

The ergonomically designed double handle allows you to operate this drywall mud mixer drill comfortably and with stability. During use, the anti-slip surface provides a firm grip and reduces fatigue and vibration.


  • Industrial grade mixer for durability
  • Can also be used to mix other thin materials
  • Comes with a lock switch for continuous operation
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design reduces finger fatigue
  • The motor shell is impact resistant
  • Comes with 1.5 meter power cord


  • Long-term use caused users to smell burned
  • The motor is not suitable for heavy-duty tasks

5) Maxgeen Portable Electric Mud Mixer

Work in a low-noise environment with the electric mud mixer by Maxgeen. So, it is suitable for use in small spaces such as apartments and offices. The 800 RPM speed provides plenty of power to mix mud quickly.

Maxgeen Concrete Mixer,2100W Portable Electric Mud Mixer for Mixing mortar

● Max Power: 2100W
● Max Speed: 800 RPM
● Net Weight: ‎9.15 lb
● Interface size: M14
● Voltage: 110V

Main Features:

  • Low-noise motor
  • Resist high temperatures
  • Car steering wheel handle
  • Overheat protection system
  • 6 Different rotation speeds

Features That May Attract You

Powerful Motor with Little Noise:

When it comes to mixing mud, you must have a powerful motor that can handle the job. The Maxgeen portable electric mud mixer features a 2100W copper motor that provides the power you need to mix the mud. The motor is also designed to resist high temperatures, preventing burnout.

Steering wheel Handle:

The steering wheel handle of the Maxgeen mud mixer allows you to work efficiently with both hands for a comfortable grip. For easy cleaning and transportation, the stirring stick can be disassembled into three parts. For compact storage, the three parts fit into the unit’s base.

Heat Dissipation:

You should have a mixer with an overheat protection mechanism. This mud mixer is equipped with a powerful ventilation system that helps to emit heat and protect the motor from overheating.

Six Rotation Speeds:

It has a gear that can be adjusted to change the speed at which the mud is mixed. With six rotation speeds, these mixers can handle any job. The different mixing speeds allow you to adjust the speed to match the consistency of the mud, whether thin or thick.


  • Very low noise output
  • Ergonomic handle for easy grip
  • Heat dissipation feature prevents overheating
  • Multiple speed options
  • Portable design for easy transportation


  • Comes with a 2-pin socket plug
  • Not so light in weight

Most drills without included in our above list can’t perform well when used for mud-mixing purposes. We consider them the best mixing drills for drywall mud for their safety features, powerful motors, and ergonomic designs.

Some additional features, like heat dissipation systems, are also included in the mixers to keep the motor safe from overheating. Their adjustable speed settings make them ideal for mixing different viscosities of drywall mud.

Comparison Chart of the Mixing Drills for Drywall Mud:

Product NameMax SpeedWeightMax PowerHandle type
Bosch GBM9-16 9 amp 5/8″ Mixer700 RPM6.6 lb850WAuxiliary and 360° rotate
IMAYCC Adjustable Speed Drywall Mud Mixer270-930 RPM6.5 lb2100WCar steering wheel
ROLAYSEE TOOLS Heavy Duty Drill Mixer750 RPM10.56 lb1200WAuxiliary and 360° rotate
MLLIQUEA Drywall Mud Mixer Drill930 RPM8.8 lb2100WCar steering wheel
Maxgeen Portable Electric Mud Mixer800 RPM9.15 lb2100WCar steering wheel

Buying Guide on the Best Drywall Mud Mixer [Must Have Features]

mixing paddles

Using a drill to mix drywall compounds is often considered the best option for any home improvement project. A drill can quickly and easily create a smooth and consistent mixture without requiring manual stirring. But before buying a mixer for drywall mud, consider these factors:

Motor [Power and Type]:

You want a powerful, quiet motor, so you don’t have to wear earplugs while you work. So volts, amps, and watts are also essential factors to consider when choosing a powerful motor for a drywall mud mixer. Different motors have different amps and wattages.

Several motors are available, including 7 amps, 9 amps, and 12 amps. For most drywall mud mixing tasks, a 9 amp motor is sufficient. The motors are available in two power levels: 850W and 2100W. So choose one depending on the job you are doing.

Variable-speed Switch:

A drywall mud mixer typically has a motor with six speeds. The highest speed is used for mixing large batches of mud, and the lowest speed is for more delicate work, such as touch-ups.

Some drywall mud mixers now have motors with variable speeds. This allows for a much more consistent and even mix.

High Torque, Low Speed:

You should also look for a mixer with high torque and low-speed settings. High torque drills will provide enough power to mix thick mud without straining the motor. 

When your mixer drill is at high torque, it will not require too much power. At low speed, it will provide enough energy to mix the mud without straining.

Type of Handle:

Type of Handle

The handle on the drill also affects its comfort level. Normally, there are two types of handles: auxiliary handle and steering wheel type handle.

Auxiliary Handle with Rotatable D Handle:

If you choose a drill with an auxiliary handle and a rotatable D-handle, you’ll easily rotate the handle in any direction while keeping it firmly in place. This helps to reduce fatigue and strain on your hands and wrists when using the mixer over long periods.

Steering Wheel Type Handle:

It is also known as a dual ergonomic handle, which allows you to hold the drill at different angles while maintaining a comfortable grip. This is especially helpful if you use the mixer in tight spaces or areas that require more precise work.

Heat Dissipation:

A mixer’s blade generates a lot of friction as they spin, which can cause the motor to overheat. The air outlet or ventilation system helps to spread the heat faster and reduce the heat. It helps to extend the life of the motor, as well as increase its performance.

Some electric drills have auto shut-off features that turn off the mixer when it reaches a high temperature. It helps to prevent damage to the motor and prevents it from overheating.

Keyed Chuck:

The chuck is the part of the mixer that holds the drill bit in place. There are two size chucks available: 1/2 inch and 5/8 inch. You need a quick interface to change the paddle quickly and easily.

And these drills must come with a chuck key to tighten the chuck securely. The keyed chuck allows you to easily change drill bits without worrying about them coming loose during use. 

Keyed chucks should be made of metal instead of plastic to ensure durability. This will help to reduce wear and tear on the chuck over time.

Trigger Lock-on Button [Safety Features]:

Look for safety features like a trigger lock-on button. This feature is found on some drywall mud mixers. It is a safety mechanism that prevents the mixer from being turned on accidentally.

If the trigger lock-on button is engaged, the mixer can only be operated by depressing the trigger. By preventing accidental mixer activation, safety is ensured. The trigger lock-on button helps to prevent the mixer from being turned on when it is not in use.

Built-in Power Switch [Safety Features]:

A built-in power switch allows you to quickly and easily shut off the mixer in case of an emergency or when the job is finished. This switch should be located in a convenient place, such as near the handle, so it can be easily reached if needed.

Additional Buying Guide on a Drywall Mud Mixer [Less Considered Options]

Additional Buying Guide on a Drywall Mud Mixer

Now we share some less-considered features of buying a drywall mud mixer. When buying a mud mixing drill, these features assist you in making the right purchase for your needs.

Weight and Portability:

A lightweight mixer is much easier to maneuver and can help to reduce fatigue during long projects. But, a too-light mixer may lack the power to thoroughly mix the mud.

On the other hand, a heavy mixer can be difficult to handle and may cause discomfort after extended use. The best option is a mixer that balances weight and power. Look for a mixer with lightweight magnesium front housing and cast aluminum gear housing.

These materials are strong yet lightweight, making for a mixer that is easy to handle without sacrificing power. For best results, choose a mixer that weighs between 6.6 and 10 pounds.

Power Cord Length:

A long, durable power cord is important for portable drywall mud mixers. Look for a mixer with a 6-foot or longer power cord. It will allow you to move the mixer around as needed without constantly unplugging and plugging in the cord.

The power cord should also be flexible and bend easily to maneuver around tight spaces. It should also have strain relief on the ends to ensure it is securely and safely attached to the mixer.

Power Plug:

There are three different types of plugs that can be used for a corded drill: a 3-pin plug and a 2-pin plug. A 3-pin plug has a ground prong that helps to protect against electrical shocks. The 2-pin plug does not have a ground prong, so it is not as safe to use.

Mixing Drill Attachments:

Many drywall mud mixers come with various mixing attachments to help you get the job done. These include a mixing paddle, carbon brush holder, transportation bag, and manual.

Including an extra mixing paddle for drywall mud makes the job easier. The carbon brush holder keeps small pieces from getting stuck in the motor and provides stability.

A transportation bag is handy for carrying your mixer and keeping it safe from dirt and dust. And the manual provides helpful information about how to operate the mixer safely and correctly.

How Do You Mix Drywall Mud with a Mixing Drill?

How Do You Mix Drywall Mud with a Mixing Drill

Although the mixing process can vary, a mixing drill makes it simple. Just follow these steps:

Step 1. Connect the paddle attachment to the drill:

Insert the shaft of the paddle into the chuck of the drill. Then, tighten the chuck until it is snug.

Step 2. Pour drywall mud into a bucket or other container:

Add water to the dry powder in the bucket. You want to add enough water so that the mixture is the consistency of pancake batter.

Step 3. Insert the paddle into drywall mud:

Carefully insert the paddle attachment into the drywall mud. It is submerged to at least half its length for best results.

Step 4. Set the correct speed setting:

Set the drill to a low speed, such as Level 2 or 3, on a variable-speed drill. In this way, drywall mud is thoroughly mixed without splattering all over you and your workspace.

Step 5. Turn on the drill and mix:

Press the trigger of the drill and move the paddle around to mix the drywall mud. Grab the drill handle with your other hand to keep it steady. Continue mixing until it is uniform in consistency.

Step 6. Turn off and remove the paddle:

Once you have finished mixing, turn off the drill and carefully remove the paddle from the drywall mud. Wipe off any excess mud that may be on the paddle or drill.

Step 7. Clean up:

Once you are done, clean off the paddle and drill with a damp cloth or sponge. This will ensure that the mixing tool is free from drywall mud for next time.

How Do You Mix 5 Minutes of Mud?

The easiest way to mix 5 minutes of mud would be with a mixing drill. Mixing drills have a paddle attachment that helps to evenly mix the mud with water.

Is a Hammer Drill Good for Mixing Mud?

No, a hammer drill is not a good choice for mixing mud. Hammer drills are designed to drill holes in masonry materials and are unsuitable for mixing large viscosity mud. 

Instead of using a hammer drill, use a good mud mixing drill. These drills are specifically designed for mixing mortar and mud with water.

The paddle spins in the mud or compound at a very high speed, helping to mix it quickly and evenly. These drills can be used for both small and large jobs.

Mix Drywall Mud with a Quality Drill for Consistent Results

Mix Drywall Mud with a Quality Drill for Consistent Results

Now you know why it is essential to use the best drill for mixing drywall mud, the features to look out for in such a tool, and how to use it. You can choose any drill you like for mixing mud.

After reviewing our top five drills, we recommend using the Bosch GBM9-16 mixer drill. It has a powerful motor, an adjustable speed setting, and an ergonomic handle for comfortable use.

With its robust construction, it provides consistent results every time you need to mix drywall mud. As it is lightweight and relatively easy to use, it is the ultimate choice for DIYers who want to tackle renovation projects around the house.

BOSCH GBM9-16 9 Amp 5/8 In. Mixer with D-Handle,Black Blue , 5″ by 8″
  • Powerful 9.0 amp motor – generates outstanding torque for mixing materials such as cement plaster…
  • Variable-speed motor – provides high-torque power and high-speed drilling
  • Rotatable 360 Degree D handle – allows user to hold the drill-mixer in the best position

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