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Best Drywall Taping Tools: Top 5 for Smooth Work in 2024

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Drywall Taping Tools

Last Updated on January 11, 2023

Taping drywall is lengthy and time-consuming, but the correct taping tools can save you hours. Having adequate supplies is key when taping up your drywall at record speed. So if you’re shopping for drywalling necessities like the best drywall taping tools, finding the ones that suit you might seem daunting.

When embarking on your drywall taping journey, consider the range of mud thicknesses and select an ergonomic handle that gives you supreme control over every stroke. This will ensure each movement exudes accuracy and comfort.

To help you get started with the drywall taping, we have created this guide featuring five of the most recommended taping tools available and how each compares with one another. Also, we’ll explain how to choose the right taping tool for your job and what joint compound to use.

Best Drywall Taping Tools: Editors Choice

Buddy Tools LLC Wallboard Buddy Drywall Taping Tools

Achieve consistent results with two mud thickness options

Construction Material: HDPE
Item Weight: 1.8 pounds
Power Source: Manual
Item Color: Green
Thickness Settings: Two Settings

Goldblatt Banjo Drywall Taper Tools

Eliminate multiple trips to the store for more tape with a 500-foot capacity

Construction Material: Lightweight Aluminum
Item Weight: 4.2 pounds
Power Source: Hand powered
Item Color: Silver
Thickness Settings: Adjustable knob

cdbz Drywall Banjo Taping Tool

Lightweight and durable design for easy maneuvering around corners

Construction Material: Polycarbonate
Item Weight: ‎2.89 pounds
Power Source: Hand powered
Item Color: Black
Thickness Settings: Four Settings

Top 5 Drywall Taping Tools: Detailed Discussion

Drywall taping tools are essential for any drywall installation job. They make taping and finishing drywall butt joints much easier and more efficient. This tool can help you create smooth, perfectly finished walls in no time.

From professionals to hobbyists, the following five taping tools will assist in tackling any drywall project with speed and accuracy:

1.  Buddy Tools LLC Wallboard Buddy Drywall Taping Tools

Make drywall projects easier and more efficient with Wallboard Buddy Drywall Taping Tools by Buddy Tools LLC. This tool helps you complete your job faster and smoother, saving both time and money. Plus, who doesn’t love the feeling of a project well done?

TapeBuddy Drywall Tape Dispenser by Buddy Tools LLC – Drywall Taping Tool Applies Joint Compound

● Construction Material: HDPE
● Item Weight: 1.8 pounds
● Power Source: Manual
● Item Color: Green

Here’s a detailed look at how Wallboard Buddy helps you:

Coats Drywall Tape Mud Evenly

The Wallboard Buddy has been designed to spread mud evenly onto drywall tape, creating a perfect bond between the material and the drywall. Its specialized design directs the mud onto the tape without any excess so that it doesn’t bubble up or run off.

Maintain Drywall Mud Consistency

This taping tool also helps to maintain two controlled mud thickness options for applying drywall tape. The two settings allow you to choose between thin coats of mud for smaller jobs or thicker coatings for larger projects. This ensures that each coat of mud is applied perfectly without being too thick or too thin.

Reduces Bubbling Underneath Drywall Tape

It helps reduce bubbling underneath drywall tape when appropriately used. By carefully distributing mud over the entire surface of the tape before it is fixed into place, there’s no risk of blisters or air bubbles forming beneath it as it dries out over time.

Have a Larger Compound Mud Box 

The Wallboard Buddy also comes with a larger compound mud box, allowing users to store plenty of material in one convenient location. This ensures all materials are ready when needed without having to stop mid-project in search of extra supplies, allowing each job to be completed without unnecessary delays.

Makes Drywall Taping Faster 

Finally, using different components from within the Wallboard Buddy taping tool can speed up your drywalling process significantly compared to traditional methods due to its innovative design features. With all these features combined, you can complete each project faster.


  • Jagged tip for cutting the tape
  • HDPE plastic won’t rust or break
  • No blisters or air bubbles to worry about
  • Lightweight, flat surface prevents fatigue
  • Apply more mud compound to the tape’s center


  • Little bit messy
  • No cut option is available

2. Goldblatt Banjo Drywall Taper Tools

The Goldblatt banjo drywall taper tool is a high-performance tool designed for efficiency. Plus, its adjustable side strap and thumb rest provide a comfortable grip so you can get through your job in ease – all while keeping compound mud thickness consistent.

Goldblatt G15301 Banjo-Dry Tape

● Construction Material: Lightweight Aluminum
● Item Weight: 4.2 pounds
● Power Source: Hand powered
● Item Color: Silver

Here’s more information on how Goldblatt Banjo helps you:

Speed Up Drywall Taping Process 

Using the Goldblatt banjo automatic taping tools will help you speed up your drywall taping process significantly. The tool’s ergonomic design allows you to easily maneuver your hand in tight spaces while keeping control of the mud flow.

Experienced tapers can reduce their taping time by up to 50% by using this tool instead of a traditional hawk-and-trowel method.

Faster Ceiling Drywall Taping 

Ceiling drywalls are notoriously challenging for even experienced tapers due to their awkward angles and hard-to-reach spaces. Still, with this drywall automatic taper tool, you’ll be able to get the job done quicker than ever before.

Its lightweight construction makes it easier to lift overhead and maneuver around corners without getting tired too quickly, while its adjustable length handle helps provide better reach in difficult areas.

Maintain Compound Mud Thickness 

With the automatic taper tool, drywallers can achieve unmatched precision when maintaining compound mud thickness, no matter how tall or intricate ceiling designs are. An integrated adjustable flow control knob allows users to regulate and customize their mud delivery according to project requirements.

Holds up a Good Amount of Drywall Tape 

This versatile drywall taper tool offers a hassle-free experience with its impressive 500 feet-capacity tape reel. Its sizable storage capabilities provide enough roll paper to complete regular-sized jobs in one go, eliminating the need for extra supplies and ultimately increasing productivity while saving time and money.

Adjustable Side Strap With Thumb Rest

With the Goldblatt automatic taper tool, you can comfortably work long hours on large projects. An adjustable side strap and soft foam thumb rest prevent fatigue so that accuracy is maintained throughout every job.

Apart from that, your projects will look professional and be completed on time due to better control over each application phase.


  • Cutting tape with the blade end
  • Impressive 500 feet tape reel capacity
  • Includes adjustable side straps, and thumb rests
  • A lightweight aluminum construction makes it durable


  • Not suitable for a beginner

3. cdbz Drywall Banjo Taping Tool

Get the job done quickly and efficiently with a cdbz taping tool, an essential for any drywall project. This handy device makes taping corners, butt joints, and flat surfaces easy breezy so you can get back to what matters most.

Here’s an in-depth review of how cdbz automatic taping tools help you:

Very Good at Taping Corners & Flat Joints

The cdbz drywall banjo taping tool is great at taping both corners and flat joints in drywall. Its ergonomic design allows for easy maneuvering around the inside corner and flat joints without worrying about slipping or scratching the drywall.

The lightweight polycarbonate body helps keep the tool’s weight down while still being durable enough to finish the job quickly and efficiently.

Polycarbonate Body Eliminates Dents 

Its polycarbonate body eliminates dents, so your walls look neat and tidy after finishing a drywall job. The polycarbonate material also adds strength without extra weight, meaning that this tool can handle even tougher jobs without sacrificing performance or comfort during use.

Easy Grip With Adjustable Double Handle Strap 

The automatic drywall taper tool has an easy grip handle with adjustable double handle straps for added comfort while performing drywalling. Also, this tool has been designed using practical ergonomic principles, which make handling in all directions easy

This adjustable strap lets you customize your grip depending on how much pressure you need while getting into tighter spaces or working with larger pieces of tape which allows you more accuracy when applying tape in difficult areas such as around drywall seams or along flat joints. 

Can Use For Smaller Work 

The drywall automatic taper banjo is small enough for smaller jobs but strong enough for larger jobs, even on large projects like commercial builds or full house renovations. This tool is ideal for quick fixes or spot repairs in difficult-to-reach places without compromising accuracy or precision.


  • Strong and durable ABS material
  • Easy to install, stable clamping force
  • Gear switch controls putty glue joint thickness
  • Double handle strap lets you hold it in any direction


  • Lack of quality in fastening clasps

4.LEVEL5 Drywall Corner Finishing Taping Tools

Level up your drywall finishing with the LEVEL5 taping tool. Designed for maximum accuracy and efficiency, this simple-to-use solution transforms wall and seam taping into an effortless task. Make sure you always get professional corner results without breaking a sweat.

Drywall Corner Roller – LEVEL5 | Pro-Grade | Taping and Finishing Tools

● Construction Material: Cast Aluminum
● Item Weight: ‎1.8 pounds
● Power Source: Hand powered
● Item Color: Anodized

Here’s how the LEVEL5 drywall tools help you:

High-Quality Sturdy Cast Aluminum Body 

This finishing tapping tool is constructed with high-quality cast aluminum that provides superior strength and lasts for many years, even with heavy usage in complex areas such as cornering walls or ceilings.

Worked Awesome for Taping Drywall Corners

The LEVEL5 inside corner finishing taping tool has been specially designed to make taping drywall corners quick and easy. Its ergonomic design can easily be used in hard-to-reach spots, while its lightweight cast aluminum body makes it easy to maneuver around tight corners without straining your arms.

Save time and Setting Perfect Corners

Time is money when it comes to drywalling jobs, and the LEVEL5 drywall corner finishing taping tool will help you save money and time by providing consistent results. This tool allows users to apply tape quickly without worrying about uneven lines or over-taping, which can lead to bubbling paint or cracked walls down the road.

Aluminum-Reinforced Stainless Steel Wheels 

Level5 drywall taping tool set features aluminum-reinforced stainless steel wheels that provide amazing accuracy when taping down wallboard or plasterboard sheets in hard-to-reach places.

The reinforced metal construction also makes these wheels extremely durable, so they won’t dent or deform regardless of how much pressure you put on them.


  • Aluminum-reinforced wheels
  • Wheel bearings reinforced with Teflon and Kevlar
  • save time and money by providing consistent results
  • Easy to maneuver with a lightweight cast aluminum body


  • Need to lubricate the wheels

5. WONDERFUL.LIGHT Drywall Banjo Board Taping Tool

Create a professional finish to any taping project with the WONDERFUL.LIGHT drywall banjo board. An innovative tool that puts durability and precision in your hands. Featuring ergonomic, practical design features for custom control of mud thickness, this is one must-have taping companion you won’t want to miss out on.

Drywall Banjo Taping Tool, Dry wall Banjo Taping Tools, with Reversible Inside Corner Roller Wheel

● Construction Material: Plastic
● Item Weight: ‎2.7 pounds
● Power Source: Hand powered
● Item Color: Black

Here’s how the WONDERFUL.LIGHT drywall banjo helps you:

Pretty Durable Drywall Taping Tool

The drywall banjo automatic taper tool is engineered with remarkable durability. This tool is crafted from high-quality stainless steel that can endure the most demanding professional tasks on construction sites or in-home repair jobs.

Control Drywall Mud Thickness

It can provide exceptional control over the thickness of drywall mud with its 4-gear control switch. This intuitive feature allows you to adjust the mud thickness according to preference, from thick layers for more structural integrity or thinner layers for smoother results and greater aesthetic appeal when used correctly.

Its adjustable settings make this device one of the most versatile tools available, allowing you to achieve optimum results every time without worrying about inconsistencies due to varying levels of pressure or application methods while using this device. 

Handle From Any Direction

Another great feature of this automatic taper is the ergonomic, easy-to-grip handle design that allows users to quickly and comfortably handle it from any direction they need quickly and comfortably during their project work, enabling them to achieve better results in less time than ever.

Speed Up Drywall Taping and Mudding 

The Drywall banjo tool can significantly help speed up your drywalling process. Whether patching holes in walls or finishing up an entire room renovation project, you can trust this device’s consistent performance over multiple uses, allowing you to complete tasks faster than ever.

Suitable for All Partition Types

Whether patching interior walls or completing a total remodeling job on exterior structures, this automatic taper tool has covered you. Its versatility ensures it can serve all projects, resulting in consistently high-quality outputs.


  • Ergonomic handle with soft padding
  • Double adjustable handle straps
  • Useful for smaller jobs
  • Maintaining uniformity and comfort

Comparison Table for the Best Taping Tools for Drywall

ProductConstruction MaterialPower SourceColorItem Weight
Buddy Tools LLCTB-ROM828-01HDPE‎ManualGreen1.8 pounds
Goldblatt‎G15301Lightweight AluminumHand PoweredSilver4.2 pounds
cdbz663LJW-DNYX2011040-BDurable PolycarbonateHand PoweredBlack‎2.89 pounds
LEVEL54-707Cast AluminumHand poweredAnodized‎1.8 pounds
WONDERFUL.LIGHT‎Banjo 01PlasticHand poweredBlack2.7 pounds

How to Choose the Best Tools for Drywall Taping?

How to Choose the Best Tools for Drywall Taping

Choosing the best taping tools for the drywall job involves looking at each tool’s construction design to the adjustable side strap. The following section details how to find the best tools for your drywall taping project:

Design Construction

The first thing to consider when selecting the right tool for drywall taping is its design construction. The tool must have an ergonomic design that allows you to work comfortably and efficiently.

Look for a tool with a lightweight body and a balanced weight distribution that reduces fatigue during extended use. Also, check to ensure that all the components fit together correctly and that there are no sharp edges or points that could cause injury while using them.

Construction Material

When choosing tools for drywall taping, consider the material it is constructed from, as this will ultimately determine their strength and durability. Make sure to select one made of durable metals such as stainless steel or aluminum that can withstand heavy-duty use without breaking down or rusting over time.

Aside from that, also check if it has any additional protective layers or coatings on it, which can help protect against moisture damage or corrosion caused by long-term exposure to wet environments. 

Easy-to-Grip Handle

Easy-to-Grip Handle

An easy-to-grip handle is essential to ensure maximum control over your drywall taping job. Look for a handle with a comfortable shape and texture that won’t cause slippage even when your hands are sweaty from extended use. Also, ensure it has a good grip radius so you don’t have to strain your hands too much.

Mud Storage Box

When purchasing a drywall taping tool, you should consider its mud storage box capacity and size. It is beneficial to select automatic taping tools with a larger mud storage box so you can keep all the necessary supplies close by at all times throughout the job site.

Check how much mud the box holds so you know if you need to purchase additional containers or not to complete your project without running out of supplies mid-way through it. These boxes typically come with adjustable dividers, allowing you to organize different materials in separate areas.

Mud Thickness Options

It’s essential to consider the mud thickness options when choosing taping tools. Many professional-grade drywall taping kits come with adjustable mud control switches for varying thicknesses.

This feature ensures that you can apply mud of the right consistency to achieve your desired results, whether focusing on intricate detailing or tackling a large area. If you want a more precise application, look for kits that offer fine-tuning control of mud thickness.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Maintenance & Cleaning

When selecting tools for drywall taping, you should consider how easy they are to maintain and clean. You should look for tools with removable parts or quick-release features that allow you to disassemble and clean them after each use.

It is also beneficial if the tools are made from durable components such as stainless steel so they won’t rust over time. Also, look for materials such as aluminum, as these materials don’t corrode easily, making them more durable and easier to maintain. 

Adjustable Side Strap

Many drywallers prefer using adjustable side strap tools which can be used for both flat surfaces and corners or edges with odd angles.

These types of straps feature adjustable lengths, providing added flexibility when tackling complicated projects requiring awkward movements, such as those found in corners and ceilings where space can be limited.

The adjustable strap length also helps prevent arm fatigue by reducing unnecessary strain during extended work periods.

Which Joint Compound is Best for Automatic Taping Tools?

Which Joint Compound is Best for Automatic Taping Tools

The best joint compound for taping with automatic taping tools is an all-purpose joint drywall compound. This compound is ideal because it is lightweight, easy to apply, and provides a strong bond between the tape and the wall surface.

Also, it sets quickly and can be sanded smooth after it has dried. It also helps to fill small holes or cracks in the wall before applying the tape, making for a superior finished product. 

Can You Use 20-Minute Drywall Mud With Taping Tools?

Yes, you can use a 20-minute drywall mud compound with taping tools. This type of mud provides a strong bond that sets quickly, allowing you to move on to other tasks more quickly than using a traditional joint compound.

But, there are some instances where this type of mud may not be suitable, such as when moisture or water may be present in the drywall or when working on an older home where there are more irregularities in the walls. In these cases, it’s best to use an all-purpose drywall compound instead. 

Are Drywall Taping Tools Worth it?

Are Drywall Taping Tools Worth it

Yes, taping drywall tools are worth it. They can save time and effort while ensuring a professional finish to your project. The best taping tool will ensure that the tape adheres properly and creates a secure bond between surfaces without needing extra effort.

These tools also help prevent common mistakes like inconsistent application or uneven tape lines, which can cause costly errors. With a good quality tool, you’ll have one less thing to stress about when tackling any drywalling project.

Achieve Professional Results Instantly – Use the Best Drywall Taping Tools!

Drywall taping tools are necessary for any home improvement project to achieve professional results quickly and efficiently. There are several excellent options available today that offer varying levels of durability and performance.

Although all those taping tools mentioned earlier are top-line, Wallboard buddy drywall taping tools from Buddy Tools LLC are specially designed to make the job much easier and provide optimal results each time.

This tool reduces bubbling under drywall tape, coats mud evenly across all surfaces, and maintains consistency throughout the project. If you’re looking for high-quality wallboard taping tools that work quickly and accurately, check out Buddy Tools LLC wallboard buddy drywall taping tools.

TapeBuddy Drywall Tape Dispenser by Buddy Tools LLC – Drywall Taping Tool Applies Joint Compound to Std. Drywall Tape in One Step – Saves Time & Money vs. Messy Manual Taping and a Heavy Drywall Banjo
  • DRYWALL TAPING MADE SIMPLER & EASIER – Unlike taping drywall seams completely by hand w/ drywall mud…
  • NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY: Build your confidence of using the TapeBuddy Drywall Taping Tool with…
  • SAVES STRESS & MESS: With TapeBuddy applying more joint compound to the center of the tape, you no…

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